Site Location

We’ve all heard the saying – location, location, location.  Your site location determines a great deal about your lifestyle, influencing things such as the setting of your home, who your neighbors will be, the schools, work opportunities and amenities available, and how easy it is to get about to the places you need to go.

Your site location also influences your home design.

Your location and your lifestyle go hand in hand.

Choosing your site location

If you are free to choose your location, you can choose a location that supports the lifestyle you want to live.

If you have already bought your site or a home to renovate and your location is already decided, you might be surprised at what you can learn about your location to take full advantage of what’s available around you.

So let’s take a closer look at location and how it influences your lifestyle and home design.

Site location zoom

Decisions about where you want to live will depend on your circumstances. Some of you might know exactly which neighborhood you want to live in and may even have your eye on certain streets. Others of you might even be making a decision about what country to live in.

I liken this to a zoom – like you’re zooming in on a satellite image – ranging from big picture decisions like the country you want to live in, down to the exact location of your site.

  1. Country
  2. State
  3. City / County
  4. Neighborhood
  5. Exact location

Whereabouts in the zoom are you in your search to find your site?

Site location - the big picture

Zooming in closer your city, county and neighborhood will have an influence on aspects of your home design such as…

  • The affordability of your site or home to renovate.
  • The type of site location that you live in – will it be urban, suburban or rural?
  • The amenities available (eg jobs, schools, shops, leisure facilities)
  • Transport options (walking, cycling, bus, train, airport)

Zooming in still further, the exact location of your site will influence the orientation of your home and where you'll place your rooms and outdoor spaces. You can learn more about evaluating a site in the site analysis topic.

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