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Having the chance to design your own home is a real privilege.  I'm remodelling my own home at the moment and I've decided to share the journey of my remodelling project with you.

So what's in it for you - even though it's not your project?

  • You'll get a sense of what will be going on during each stage of the project, design, detailed design and build.
  • You'll find out all the tips I've learned on the way!

I think that remodelling a home can pose more design challenges that designing a home from scratch.  We shall see...

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The remodelling story so far

Remodelog 1 - My Dream House - We've found it!  Have a sneak peak at the ground floor.

Remodelog 2 - The first Floor - A tour of the bedrooms and bathrooms.  We'll get up in the attic too!

Remodelog 3 - Dream House Inspiration - Looking at other homes for floor plan inspiration.

Remodolog 4 - Hiring an Architect - How we went about finding our architect.

Other stories I'm going to share with you...

What Does an Architect Do? - What our architect did (and didn't do) for us

Mothballing - What does it mean?

Finding an Architect (Again) - We start the project second time around.

Architectural Floor Plans - Our first set of architectural floor plans that we like!

And lots more as we go through the remodelling project.

I've had some emails on spelling.  I'm British so I spell it with a double 'l' 'remodelling' :)  But I thought Remodelog just looked better than remodellog.

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