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Are you planning to build or remodel your home?
Maybe you're looking at house plans, working with an architect or designing your own home.
Or maybe you're looking for a home to buy.

Are you planning to build or remodel your home?
Maybe you're looking at house plans, working with an architect or designing your own home.
Or maybe you're looking for a home to buy.

Whatever your project there's lots of home design help here on House Plans Helper.

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Remodeling and Home Design
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Thinking differently about home design...

There are lots of sites out there with beautiful pictures of home decor.  This site is a little different.  HPH concentrates on the bones of a home, the design under the decor if you like.  You'll learn about layout,  architectural features and other elements that go into the design of a functional and beautiful home.

Go ahead and explore the site to find out how to make your home a joy to live in.

Here's what people are saying about House Plans Helper

"This sight was exactly what I was looking for! I bookmarked it immediately and have come back to it often."  -  Courtney L. USA"

"Love this site and wish I'd discovered it a lot earlier."  -  Bronwyn, Australia"

"It's just fantastic. Spent 2 hours on it last night and it really got my mind going, particularly all the different orientations and layouts."  -  Ann, Ireland"

"I just love this site. I have learned more from your site than in any home design books. Please keep this up. Thanks."  - Sandra, UK"

"You have given me the tools to design my house.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  - Anne L. USA"

"Thanks for providing such useful information. Keep up the good work!"  - John, Canada"

"There is so much rubbish on the web that I am amazed when I find a genuinely useful, unpretentious, insightful site such as yours. Thank you!"  - Dave, Australia"

Here's what people are saying about House Plans Helper

House Plans Helper provides information and resources so that everyone can learn about home design.

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The home layout section looks at different layout options and functional design ideas for each room in the home.  Find the layouts you like and show them to your architect / designer.  Feel free to pin the layouts you like to Pinterest.

In the home flow section we look at the house as a whole.  Learn to read floor plan symbols and blueprint symbols so you'll be able to read, analyze and draw floor plans.

Try the exercises in the Home Design Workshop for a deep understanding of what you (and those you share your life with) need in your home.

Browse the Home Styles. Read about the architectural features and construction considerations for each style - find out which style will be right for you.

What's New?

Free Floor Plan Software - Planner 5D Review

This Planner 5D Review is for you so that you see if it's the right Free Floor Plan Software for your project. There are reviews of other applications too.

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Lighting Control Systems

Find out a little about the different lighting control systems are available from the basic light switch through to whole house control systems.

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Lighting Design Techniques

Let me show you the basic lighting design techniques so that you can apply them in your lighting design at home

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Free Floor Plan Software - Sketchup Review

Find out if Sketchup could be the right free floor plan software for you. There's other reviews to take a look at as well.

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Easy Lighting Calculation

Here's an easy lighting calculation to figure out how much light you need in a room and how many fixtures you'll need.

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Taking the time to explore this site will put you in a much better position to think about your house plans. You’ll be able to brief your architect or designer effectively and analyze floor plans to see how they measure up to what you need.

For most of us buying, building or making changes to our homes means big decisions (and lots of decisions) with large amounts of money at stake. It’s something we’re anxious to get right. Using the information and exercises on this site will arm you with better knowledge to help you make good choices. It will take a bit of time and thinking on your part and it’s well worth the effort!