Free Floor Plan Symbols

I put together a free floor plan symbols pdf for you because understanding symbols is essential to being able to read floor plans.  The pdf includes all the floor plan symbols drawn to scale in feet and inches and metric. Because it’s drawn to scale you can use it as a floor plan symbol template if you like.

I genuinely can’t find anything else like it on the web – there are lots of pdfs with free floor plan symbols but not drawn to a consistent scale.

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Just as a reminder - floor plan symbols are used in floor plans.  A floor plan is a picture of a level of a home and sliced horizontally about 4ft from the ground and looking down from above. The symbols are representations of the fixtures and fittings (like in kitchens and bathrooms) and the furniture in the home.

Your pdf includes...

  • Scales, doors and windows.
  • Architectural details.

free floor plan symbols - scale, doors, windows
  • Bathroom floor plan symbols including single and double sinks and vanities, different bath shapes and different shower stall sizes.
  • Different configurations for stair cases.
  • Hot water heater symbols
free floor plan symbols - stairs, bathroom
  • Kitchen floor plan symbols including different Kitchen fitting sizes (sinks and ranges) and information on standard cabinet sizes and clearances.
  • Dining table sizes and shapes.
free floor plan symbols - kitchen, dining
  • Large sized and standard sized living room furniture with various side tables and side boards.
  • Bedroom furniture including different bed sizes (US and European) and standards for built in wardrobes.

free floor plan symbols - living and bedroom

Using the free floor play symbols template

Your pdf prints out to scale on both letter size and A4 paper.

I use my floor plan symbols pdf as a template when I’m messing about with floor plans on tracing paper. I'm playing around with a kitchen design here.

I’m always interested to hear feedback on your floor plan symbols pdf. Is there anything missing? Would different scales be useful? How do you use them? Please contact me and let me know.

Please remember though that there is no international standard for floor plan symbols, so you might see a different version of a casement window somewhere – I had to pick one of them!

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