House Plans Helper Testimonials

It's very gratifying to get messages from people who have used the information here on House Plans Helper to help design their home.  Please go ahead and contact me to let me know about how you've been using HPH.

Here's a selection of the messages I've received...

"This sight was exactly what I was looking for! I bookmarked it immediately and have come back to it often. As odd as it sounds, designing houses, especially small and even tiny houses, has become a hobby of mine. Finding a site with minimum functional room sizes saves me the effort of coming up with them myself and lets me know I'm on the right track in the first place. Thanks for sharing this info and keep up the good work!

Courtney L

"Love this site and wish I'd discovered it a lot earlier."

Bronwyn, Australia

"It's just fantastic. Spent 2 hours on it last night and it really got my mind going, particularly all the different orientations and layouts."

Ann, Ireland

"I just love this site. I have learned more from your site than in any home design books. Please keep this up. Thanks."

Sandra, UK

"I always knew my husband was a really fine architect.  But, he went on to become a design philosopher, professor, and author, he has not been doing architecture for years.  The time has come to design our own small retirement cabin and boy are we having a time of it!

I want small and safe, welcoming. He was trained in Finland in the Alvar Aalto tradition!!  I have been teaching myself everything I need to lay down the plans myself. I cannot tell you how many times I have measured and remeasured the space, books I have looked at, etc. But, I am not a drawing person, I am not experienced with pen, pencil, and paper. BUT YOU HAVE GIVEN ME THOSE TOOLS !!! Thank you so much.

I now have the ability to design a small house we will be able to live on with just our small retirement check--you have given me the chance to help us live out the rest of our life with independence, freedom of movement, and low cost. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

Anne L

"Thanks for providing such useful information. Keep up the good work!"

John, Canada

"There is so much rubbish on the web that I am amazed when I find a genuinely useful, unpretentious, insightful site such as yours. Thank you!"

Dave, Australia

"Thanks a million for setting up this amazing website!

Your home design info has been so helpful. Finally some down-to-earth, practical advice with clear instructions on how much space you need for furniture, clearance, etc. This is gold!"

Pieter and Sandra

"I am an Architect and Author. I published a book about Architecture for kids two years ago and I am now working on the second part that I want to publish this year. Congratulations on your website, it is amazing!!! I want to use 8 images from your site (that will be cited/referenced) on the new book but I need your permission to do that. Please let me know if I can use up to 8 images of bedroom, bathroom and garage spaces."

Horacio Sanchez - USA

"I am an owner builder designing my own house.  I've searched a lot of websites concerning design and layout, and I wanted to say that yours is the most comprehensive, well thought out site I found. Your pages are well organized, and analytical in their description of good design.  Thank you for sharing these."

Kyle P

"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! What an amazing site - SO useful!

My thoughts, "oh my god, what a great website"

Jaime E

"Thank you for this site.  It's by far the best, most comprehensive, to the point site of its kind on the internet.  I've been working on the plans for an addition/remodel for the better part of 2 years, and I can't tell you enough what a wonderful resource this is." 


"I just found this site today. Thank you for doing this, it is incredibly well done and very useful. I plan on returning often. Thank you again! Well done!"

Bill F

"I write to you from India. We recently bought and altered/renovated an old apartment (tore down walls and all). Your website was the Bible of room plan and design for my wife and me. It is comprehensive, insightful and easy to read. Although we had engaged an architect, we would double check all design decisions with the suggestions and recommendations on your website.

May God bless you for putting together such useful information in one place."

Vasu A

"I dabble in home design (entirely for fun and, hopefully in the not too distant future, personal use) and I stumbled across your site about a week ago when googling shower dimensions.  I just wanted to let you know that this is the most useful resource I can ever recall finding online. keep up the good work and god bless!"

Dane B

Dare I say this web site is "delightful"? Design based, yes, but also informative and instructional -- on a simple, conversational level. Outside of the learning experience, which is ample, simply wandering through the site is a revelation for me. With the ideas, plans and suggestions you have generously included here, I would think anyone can more deeply appreciate their home or home-to-be in the way it was intended to be -- or at least to understand what it should be.

Thank you for removing me from the vacuum of what I would call home design in a black box. It is now filled with light and I can move forward with new tools and insights into defining true life at home. With my deep appreciation, thank you.

David N

"Nice, nice and nice! I'm thrilled I found your site. I'm gutting a little house and needed help. I've pinned several of your drawings."


"I just wanted to add this to my comment to you on the site, I'm really digging into your site now; and it's really wonderful!

I come to home design from a background in another type of design, too; and we have a son who is also involved in another design-oriented field.  He and I often discuss how real "designers" think differently than other related professionals-- artists, seamstresses, software techs, advertising folks, etc.    Any of those folks might also be "designers", but might also not be.

Isn't it funny how many things are invented, created and produced with a lot of time and trouble, but very little design sense?

Reading your site is like chatting with our son, or thinking out loud.  You're definitely a "designer" at a basic level, as he and I are, though our specific skills and interests are sometimes different.

And when that's part of your personality, isn't it interesting how similar design questions are across a wide variety of fields????

GREAT work on the site!  I'm really enjoying it!"


"Meg, Just a thank you for all the advise and effort you have put into this site. Comprehensive, educational and inspirational."

Johann B

"I just wanted to tell you how great your site is. I recently found a bargain house, but unfortunately it literally only has 4 walls and a "front" and "back" door with a toilet outside the house. It is also very tiny 8m x 6m.

Taking bits and pieces here and there I managed to come up with a great design, that is functional and it does not feel "closed in".  And to my surprise it created a little nook that I made a small office space.

At the moment I just have my own drawn up floor plan on a piece of paper, but I would really love to send you before and after pictures, when all the building is done. Just my way of showing your hard work in practice I guess.
Thank you again for all your effort."

Mari S

"I have found your website to be extremely helpful as I work out the design of our own house.   You have compiled some amazing information and resources."

Mary W

"Hi Meg, Just want to thank you so much for the great resources of the "floor plan symbols" and the checklist. They are just fantastic and what I was desperately in need of for my interior design assignment!"

Joan, Australia

"Hello Meg,

Love your website."

Paddy G

"Just googled "toe kick dimensions" and followed the link to your site.  Thanks for providing such helpful information!"

Dianne J

"I wanted to thank you very much for taking the time to create such an informative website."

Amar I

"Thanks for sharing the symbols - they are what I have been looking for."

Greame W

"Hello I have found the information on your site very helpful."

Sarah C

"My first look at your website and I am very impressed. You give to the layman and draughtsperson the information to open up a wonderful world of designing a home. One of the most useful websites I have come across.
Thank you."

Dolf P

"Great website! I have found it really useful in helping design a small house.

Nieve O'

"I am having so much fun on your website! Lots of incredibly useful info and tips."


"I just wanted to let you know that your website is just what I need and I am excited to have found it.  It is organized in a logical way, and presents the (very practical) information that is useful immediately, but also inspires creativity.  I am going to spend some more time exploring and am looking forward to finding new ideas."


"Thanks for the clear language and logical explanations! "


"Thank you so much for a ton of information.  I greatly appreciate it and it has taught me alot. "


"I'm a big fan of your site (being an architect I use it very often to check the right dimensions and to get inspired. "


Have you been using HPH? I'd love to hear from you!