Essential Home Design Books

I own a lot of home design books so I decided to do a little project and go and re-read them and pick out the best.  Mmm this could take some time...

I've indicated the books that I think are must reads.

Books on Patterns and Architectural Design

When you see the word pattern, images of a decorative wallpaper or fabric design might come into your mind.  In the architectural context patterns are 'best practice' designs that make a home feel special.  It's about layout and the details that are built in to the fabric of the home such as windows, alcoves, pillars, built in shelving, stairs, front doors etc, views across the home, having quiet space etc.

Home by Design by Sarah Susanka

Essential Reading on architectural patterns

In this book, Sarah tells us about 27 'concepts' of home design that can be applied during the design process to inject character and beauty into a home.  It's a really accessible book with photos that illustrate the concepts clearly.  It will help you articulate ideas and make suggestions for what you want in your home design.  Sarah dedicated the book to the father of patterns in architecture, Chris Alexander, Author of a Pattern Language (see below)

Patterns of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design

Jacobsen, one of the authors of this book was on the team that wrote 'A Pattern Language'.  'Patterns of Home' brings Alexander's concept up to date and makes it more accessible and appealing with the use of images and floor plans. 

A Pattern Language

The movement of describing patterns of successful architectural design was brought to the public's attention in 1977 by Christopher Alexander (to whom Susanka has dedicated this book) in his seminal book 'A Pattern Language'.  Alexander's is a comprehensive book with simple illustrations describing many patterns.


Books on Design Psychology

Books on Lighting Design


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