Supplies for getting organised

During your home project there will be lots of digital information to store.

In addition to all the digital files, it's likely your project will generate some paper and you'll also be collecting some physical samples (eg countertops, carpet, paint cards) that you'll also need to be able to store in an organised way.

If you live in US, Canada or UK, the links below will link to the Amazon site in your locality if possible for any particular item.

I find plastic display files really handy because they hold standard sized paper and big pieces of paper folder up and can also handle smaller pieces. 

Plastic pockets - holds both A4 and US letter size

Punched pockets also work well.  These will hold fabric samples, wallpaper and paint cards as well.

Punched pockets US letter size

Punched pockets UK A4 size

And to keep the punched pockets organised...

File dividers US letter size


File dividers A4 size


And if you prefer a hanging file system...

Hanging files US letter size


Hanging files UK A4 size


Slightly larger storage can also be helpful as well for physical samples.  Getting clear storage helps to find things more quickly.

You can keep your bathroom samples in one bag, kitchen samples in another and so on for other spaces in your home.

I'm a fan of clear PVC zip pouches.  They're really strong. You can get them in various different sizes.

Zipper pouches US letter size

Zipper pouches UK A4 size


Plastic shoe boxes are also handy.

Clear plastic shoe boxes

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