Home Office Design

There are lots of options for home office design.

Home offices can range from just getting your laptop and file box out on the kitchen table, to a small space in more or less any room or spare space in the home, to a large dedicated study or a library big enough for several people.

There are several principals for a good work space at home that are outlined below (as well as some mistakes to avoid).

The range of design possibilities means that it's vital to think about your home office needs to make sure you get the right office layout (and location) for you.

This page forms part of the room design series.

Good Home Office Design

A good home office should...

  • have natural light.
  • be of a size and in a location appropriate to how it will be used.
  • have enough power sockets in a sensible location to accommodate the electrical equipment in the office.
  • have the data communications sockets required (or be in wi-fi range).
  • Have enough storage space to store what you need to store.

Home office design mistakes

And here's some mistakes to avoid.

  • Building the square footage for a home office you don’t need.
  • Not adhering to the good home office design guidelines.
  • Building an office with a small door that your favorite desk won’t fit through.

Home office design observations

Whenever I'm looking at interior decor images I can't help thinking about the practicalities of a room.  Take a look at these images with my observations in the captions.

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