Home Office Floor Plans

By Meg Escott

If you're on the look out for home office floor plans this page has office layouts of various sizes for you to take a look at.

You can use the home office layout page to figure out what you need in your home office and to think about the best place to use for your home office.

On this page we look at...

Small home office design gets a page of it's own.

This page is part of the home office design series.

The home office in a room of it's own

I took the smallest allowable room area of 70sqft and drew out a few home office floor plans.  For smaller offices (nooks, under the stairs, cubbies) have a look at small home office design.

Be sure to check out the home office layout page for more discussion on office design.

As we go through a few designs lets have a think about how to place the desk in an office.

Desk facing and against a wall

This is my personal favorite way to position a desk in a home office.  The wall facing the desk can be used for shelves and a pin board so you can surround yourself in what you're working on, all within eye sight or easy reach.

I think it's best when the window is on one of the walls perpendicular to the desk.  That way it's only a turn of the head to look out of the window to see what's going on and give your eyes a rest but the window isn't a constant distraction.

This 7 x 10ft (2.13 x 3m) home office floor plan houses a 4½ x 2½ft (1.37 x 0.76m) desk with a side return.

No matter where the window is in your office, the chances are that at some point you'll need to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your computer screen.

Blinds can be a great window treatment in your office, that way you can cut the glare, but avoid blocking out all the light as curtains might.

Desk facing and against the window

It can be lovely to look up from your work and look out of the window.  The challenge is to control the glare (especially if you're trying to work on a computer) and this often means covering up the view.

If your desk faces the window but is on the opposite side of the room, glare can still be an issue if you have low winter sun. 

I once had a desk which faced a window, only the window sill was just above eye level.  That way there was no glare on my computer screen as as my eyes had to raise to see the view I had tree tops and a church spire for a view, rather than the road.

This 7 x 10ft (2.13 x 3m) home office design includes a 5 x 3½ft (1.52 x 1.01m) desk with shelving on each side wall.

Desk floating in the middle of the home office

If your home office is a little larger there may be the option to locate the desk in the middle of the room. This releases more wall space for shelves. It's an idea to have a desk with ample room to have a few papers or files and books within easy reach.

There's room for a reading chair as well.

This 10 x 10ft (3 x 3m) home office floor plan houses a 5 x 3½ft (1.52 x 1.01m) desk with a side return against the wall for a bit of extra desk space.  There's shelving along one wall and a reading chair.  Don't forget to include an outlet in a good location for a reading lamp!

This 12 x 12ft (3.66 x 3.66m) home office floor plan has a 5 x 2½ft (1.52 x 0.76m) sitting more or less central in the room.  There's ample shelving and room for a guest / reading chair.

With these bigger home office floor plans there's the opportunity to try out diagonal office furniture arrangements. (Same desk dimensions as above)

This 10 x 10ft (3 x 3m) home office floor plan houses a 5 x 2½ft (1.52 x 0.76m) desk sitting diagonally in the space.

The office door

Shelves are crucial for office storage. In this 10 x 7ft (3 x 2.13m) home office the office door is placed slightly in from all of the walls, leaving maximum space for storage.

Offices for 2

If there's 2 or more of you in the home office you have the choice of home office floor plans sitting...

  • back to back
  • side by side
  • facing each other

Check out the desk dimensions page to find out how much space you need for an office for 2.  You can adapt the measurements if you plan to accommodate more people.

Here's an office design for two people sitting back to back.

In this 7 x 10ft (2.13 x 3m) home office design each person has a 7 x 2½ft (2.13 x 0.76m) desk with a shared side return. A pocket door might suit this space better to decrease the risk of someone being knocked off their chair when the door is opened.

side by side...

In this 7 x 10ft (2.13 x 3m) home office floor plan each person has 4 x 2½ft (1.23 x 0.76m) of desk space with a side return.  Again, a pocket door might suit this space better.

and opposite each other.

In this 7 x 10ft (2.13 x 3m) home office design each person has 5 x 1½ft (1.52 x 0.46m) of desk space with a deep side return. Strictly speaking 1½ft is not deep enough but since the space is shared there will be a bit of give and take with desk depth.

Shared Printers etc

If there are some resources that are shared such as a printer or scanner, and maybe filing, where will these be located?

The double duty home office

The home office can be doubled up with another room in the home.  The most likely candidates are:

  • Dining Room
  • Guest Room
  • Bedroom (especially for kids)

The key in each case is great storage so that the office can disappear when it needs to.

This is 14½ft x 11ft (4.4 x 3.4m) dining room which also doubles as home office. Click through to the website for more on home office design.  Notice the storage on 3 sides.

Here's a 10 x 12ft (3.05 x 3.66m) guest bedroom doubling up as a home office.  The wardrobe wall is a perfect solution allowing for a wide 2ft deep desk which can be hidden behind the bi-fold doors and still leaves enough room for a guest wardrobe.  Using a stool allows it to be pushed in under the desk.

Communal Home Office

Here's a communal office with the chairs around the outside. The desks here are 2½ft (0.76m) deep with 4ft (1.23m) of desk space per person and 5ft (1.52) between the desks There's a wall of shelving under the windows.

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