Print a section of a PDF Floor Plan

If you're doing a home design project, the chances are that you'll be dealing with big pdf floor plans that you've got to review and give feedback on.  More often than not the pdf document will be designed to print out on a piece of paper that’s much bigger than your average home printer.

Print pdf floor planLearn how to print a section of a pdf floor plan on your home printer

On this page I'll show you how to print out a section of the pdf floor plan to the right scale on your home printer.

How to print out sections of a pdf floor plan

Step 1 - Open the PDF

Open pdf floor plan

Step 2 - Use the zoom in button to zoom in as much as you need to.

Zoom in on pdf floor plan

Step 3 - Click on the ‘Edit’ menu and select ‘Take a Snapshot'.

Take a snapshot of a pdf floor plan

Step 4 - Click and drag to take the snapshot.

Click and drag to snapshot a pdf floor plan

Step 5 - Use File --> print.  Make sure that the setting ‘Actual size’ is selected and the paper orientation makes sense and then click ‘Print’.

file print pdf floor plan

That's it.  You can repeat these steps for each section of the floor plan that you're interested in.

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