Solid Surface Countertop Review

Here's my solid surface countertop review which includes a run down of the properties and pros and cons of solid surface countertops.  We'll also look at whether or not this type of countertop is right for your home.

Did you know that solid surfaces have been around for about 50 years now!!

This solid surface countertop review is based on my research, talking to suppliers, and my own experiences with solid surface countertops.

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Solid surface countertop properties

This solid surface countertop reivew wouldn't be complete without going into the properties of solid surfaces in more detail...

Corian is an example of a solid surfact countertop

Aesthetic choice - Solid surface countertops, as the name suggests are made from a solid composite material.  Since they are man made there’s a huge array of colors and looks available.  Many of the solid surfaces on the market are created to look like one of the natural materials such as granite.  I think they never quite achieve the look of their natural counterparts, largely because the surface is less shiny.  I think it’s better to choose a look where you’re not trying to fool anyone.

Seams - If you get your countertop custom made it can be made seamless.  Sinks and washbasins can be integrated into the countertop in one flowing shape.

Stain resistance - Solid surfaces are solid and non-porus, so there is no sealing required. Similar to glass, they are very stain resistant.

Heat resistance - Solid surface countertops are resistant to temperatures of up to 650F 340C degrees, so they can be burned with a very hot pot.

Scratch resistance - Solid surface material scratches fairly easily.  Chopping boards should be used at all times and will help prevent scratches. If you happen to accidentally scratch your countertop, they can easily be buffed out.

Cleanliness - These countertops are very easy to keep clean.  They’re non-porous so nothing sinks in.

Cost - For the qualities on offer, solid surface countertops are good value.  They’re more than laminate but not as much as natural materials  ranging in cost from $50-$125 per square foot.

Solid surface countertop review - My experiences with a solid surface countertop

We rented an apartment with corian countertops in the bathrooms including integrated washbasins.  It was very easy to clean alright!
Another thing I remember is that it’s warmer to the touch than natural materials.  When you lean forward onto the countertop to have a look at that zit on your chin in the mirror you don’t get a shock from the cold temperature on the top of your legs from a cold countertop.

Solid surface countertop review - pros and cons

Solid surface countertop pros

These countertops are tough enough for most kitchen and bathroom usage and are available in a large range of finishes.  They’re really easy to clean to boot and are maintenance free as there’s no sealing to worry about.

Solid surface countertop cons

Solid surfaces are slightly less durable and heat resistant than some of the other countertops available.  However slight damage or burns can be repaired fairly easily.

Is a solid surface countertop right for your home?

We'll finish off this solid surface countertop review by going over some questions you can ask yourself before deciding whether or not this countertop is right for your home.

If you’re looking for a reasonably durably countertop that’s easy to clean and needs no maintenance and doesn’t cost the earth then a solid surface countertop could well be right for you.  There’s not much not to like.  It’s available in so many finishes you’ll be able to find a look that works whether you need something traditional or contemporary.

So that concludes my solid surface countertop review.  I hope you've found it useful.  See below for more countertop material reviews.

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