Walk-in Closet Designs

So let's get straight into these walk-in closet designs.  We start off small and get bigger.  Jump straight to the 5 star luxury dressing room layouts if you like.

This closet design page forms part of the closet design series.

Small walk-in closet designs

This first set of closet layouts are ideal for one storage wall.  I'd keep the back wall for a full length mirror.  It also means that the whole length of the wall can be used without the challenge of dealing with the corners as you might have seen in closet design mistakes.

The storage walls in this section are drawn as a hanging rod.  In reality you'll probably divide up the space between full and half height hanging, shelves and drawers.  More about this in how to design a closet (coming soon) and walk-closet dimensions.

One rod walk in closet minimum dimensionsMinimum size for a walk in closet with one storage wall
One wall walk in closet design comfort dimensionsComfort size for a walk-in closet with one storage wall

If you do decide, despite the corner challenges, to add a storage wall along the back wall consider using a pocket door.  Also check out the design a closet page (coming soon) which talks (among other things) about how best to deal with corners in closets.

walk in closet 2 wall round cornerFor small walk-in closets with storage corners, consider a pocket door

Medium walk-in closet designs

Moving up in size a bit we have some walk-in closet designs that have storage along two walls.

The first of these walk-in closet designs caters for the minimum space necessary to have hanging space along each wall.

walk in closet designs 2 wall minimum dimensions

Here we have a slightly more roomy closet layout, again with hanging space along each wall.

walk in closet designs 2 wall comfort dimensions

If there is less space available try a hanging rod on one wall and shelving on the other wall.  12 inch shelves would hold a shoe rack and folded tops displayed sideways.  a 12 inch shelf wouldn't really be deep enough for drawers but you could use some boxes to act like drawers.

walk in closet designs one rod one shelf minimum dimensions

Here's some layouts with deeper shelves.

walk in closet designs one wall one shelf comfort dimensions

If you have 2ft of space this becomes a bit too deep for shelves to be usable so the space is better used as a combination of drawers and hanging space.

walk in closet designs one rod one drawers

Again, you could consider using the back wall for hanging space.  Personally, I think this makes the closet less usable.

walk in closet designs 3 wall

Large walk-in closet designs - dressing rooms

As walk-in closet designs get larger I think they start to look like kitchens!!  We're now in the realm of dressing room design.  These layouts sure would be luxurious!

Here's a closet design with a slim peninsula.  It splits the closet up into his and hers.  In fact you could even build a wall in the middle of this layout if you wanted totally separate his and hers closets.

large walk in closet design with slim peninsulaA large walk in closet design with a slim peninsula

If you elect to have a 3ft peninsula spend some time thinking about the best way to split it.  It needn't be split symmetrically.  For example you could have 12 inch shelves for half of the length and the other half of the length 24 inch mid height hanging space like so...

walk in closet design split peninsulaIf your closet has a peninsula how should it be split?

An alternative to a peninsula is to have a large stool in the middle of your closet.

If you have a 4ft peninsula, then it does make sense to have a symmetrical split as there's room for hanging space and drawers on both sides.

large walk in closet design with a large peninsulaA large walk in closet design with a wide peninsula

Here you have a dressing room with an island which means the room isn't split in two.

large walk in closet design with an islandA large walk in closet design with an island

More unusual walk in closet designs

As far as walk in closet designs are concerned, this is one of the most ingenious that I have seen.  It's a double depth closet where the front rods were on hinges and could swing out to reveal the back rod.  The back rod could just as easily have been included shelves and drawers.  This would be a great solution to put into a deeper space.  The space could easily be wider than indicated here as well.

walk in closet with a double rodThis walk in closet design features a double depth rod system where the front rods move to reveal the back rod

If you have space for a wide closet, here's an arrangement that separates the closet spaces into his and hers.  I think the best arrangement is to have this corridor in between the bedroom leading to the bathroom, maybe even into his and hers bathrooms.

dressing room corridorHis 'n' hers dressing room corridor

To finish this page off, I just wanted to mention a neat idea I saw once for a closet in a small space.  You know how you can get those kids beds that are raised with a wardrobe and maybe a desk underneath?  Well this apartment had a double bed raised to shoulder height off the ground and under the bed there's a motorised closet.  Genius or what?

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