Electrical Schematic Symbols

Data - Phone - TV - Sound

So you’re trying to figure out all those electrical schematic symbols for TV, data, communications and sound?

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These elements of home design are becoming more and more essential as the internet becomes more and more part of our lives. The way we consume and listen to TV and sound and the way we use the internet and wi-fi is constantly evolving.

This page has the symbols and a checklist.

This page is part of the blueprint symbols series.

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Most of the electrical schematic symbols for data, phone, TV and sound used on blueprints have become standard. Some architects or designers may use slightly different symbols. Always check with the key on your blueprints.

Data and Communications Symbols

The small horizontal line on the left of the symbol indicates that the outlet is wall mounted.

A square around the symbol indicates that the outlet is mounted in the floor.

If the symbol was mounted in ceiling this might be shown just as a plain symbol or with cross hairs.

Tip for mobile browsers - these symbols are best viewed with your phone in landscape position.

telephone jack symbol

Phone jack symbol

data jack symbol

Data jack symbol

combined telephone data jack symbol

Combined data / phone jack symbol

wi-fi booster symbol

Wi-fi booster

speaker symbol

Speaker symbol

volume control symbol

Volume control symbol

TV jack symbol

TV jack symbol

Data, phone, TV, Sound wiring checklist

  • Make sure you know the location of you satellite dish or where the cable for cable TV will come into the house. It might not be as obvious as you think.

    Satellite dishes have to point a certain way.  It’s pretty easy to figure out roughly where a satellite dish needs to be by looking at others along your street but you have to know how the wire is going to come into the house, particularly if the satellite dish is on an upper floor. Is the wire going through the wall and down inside the house, or down outside the house and in on the bottom floor?

  • Cable TV might come in under the ground from the street or you could be connected via an over head cable. So again it’s important to know how the wiring will make its way from point of entry to each TV.

  • How does your internet connection enter your home? Where will your modem(s) be located and do you need any wi-fi boosting points?

  • How does your phone line enter your home?  If the phone line is used to deliver internet and television services make sure the appropriate wiring is in place.  If your security system is hooked up to the phone line check that wiring is in place as well.  With wi-fi and mobile technology becoming more and more ubiquitous maybe it won’t be long before many homes don’t have a phone line at all.

  • If you have the opportunity (through a new build or major remodel), it’s worth considering having a communications control panel so that all those little ugly boxes can go in a neat little cupboard somewhere rather than be dotted about on your walls.

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