Your Site

Your site is vital to your home project.  You can’t start to design or build you new home or renovation until you have a site or a property to renovate.

In addition, your site is fundamental to the design of your home and the lifestyle that you’ll lead in your home.

your site for your new build or remodel

For those who haven’t yet found your site

For those of you who have not yet found your site it all starts with deciding on your location.

Your location will determine things like the climate, the amount of daylight in summer and winter, how you’ll get around, your opportunities to spend time in nature.

Find out more by reading location, location, location.

Then there’s the job of finding your site.  Finding your site can make you lose the plot if you’re not careful.  Learning how to value a site will help you when it comes to buying the site that's right for you.

You’ll learn lots of handy tips for finding a site.  I can’t promise it will be easy, but I can help you see what it takes.

Understanding how to value a site is crucial before you start your search for your site.  Overpaying for you site puts your budget at risk from the get-go.

How to create curb appeal takes a look into understanding the approach to your site, from entering your neighborhood to approaching your front door.

When you’ve found your site or you’re researching a particular site

If you already have your site or you want to look into the potential of a particular site. Here are some topics to help you.

Site Zoning – All sites will have rules that dictate what can be built.

Site Orientation – Site orientation is arguably the most important aspect of your site.  Make sure you know why.

Conduct a full site analysis (on the way) – In addition to zoning and orientation, there’s a whole list of things to consider when examining a site in detail.  Be warned – it’s not a short read because it misses nothing out.

Reading site plans – This is a primer on the sort of information that you’ll see on plans about sites.  It will help you understand the documentation related to sites that your planning department provides.  It will also help you understand the symbols that will appear on your site plan which forms part of your house plans.

home project playbook your site

The Playbook is a work in progress.  Anything without a link is coming soon.

Phase 1 - Project Preparation

Phase 2 - Design Preparation

Design Research

Your Design Professional

Phase 3 - Design

Site Analysis

Schematic Design (Floor Plans & Elevations)

Design Development (Detailed Design)

Construction Documents

Phase 4 -  Construction

Your Contractor / Builder

Your Contract

Building Your Home